Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Das Experiment

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--- This is a post for Kisaki, Markus, Richard and Thomas ---

You were right:
When a gummy bear is left for one day on water, it grows.

The initial subject was green and about 2cm. I do not measured it, but I know Richard has some clones so he can help me to get the data.
The subject spent 24 hours under water, increasing to a size of 5 cm as shown in the picture. The subject was un-eatable as predicted.

The explanation it's up to you. You're the scientists (right Markus? he he)

Bueno, después de este pequeño divertimento, vuelvo al mundo real... "Química Marina, capítulo 4: Química de los carbonatos" (acompañada por una taza de café... por supuesto)

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