Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hace unos días, caminando por el centro, vi un graffiti que decía "A los astronautas" y encima un dibujo de un astronauta. Quiero tomarle una foto, simplemente porque me gusta ver los pedazos de ciencia que logran salir de su círculo para caer en la cultura.

Como cuando le preguntaron a Gackt* que si pudiera tener un objeto que nadie más pudiera obtener, cuál escogería y él respondió: un agujero negro.

(*Gackt es un cantante pop-rock japonés)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mogwai: Rock Action

Finally, I got the CD. Expectation.
I sit down and open the black-and-red box.
I enjoy the few seconds of silence before the music starts.

Dark music comes out; a compelling invitation to close my eyes.
Almost liquid, dark music is filling my bedroom. SINE WAVE.

I remember myself listening to the white-glittering Takk... and I feel I'm standing in the opposite side. Dark music. Dim sounds. But, still, it is music to explore the soul; to know inner places I didn't know that existed.

And then, a spark: guitars. And a voice! I was not expecting it. TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE; the music will be inside me. Now, the flow changes its course. 0 I SLEEP. And the music becomes a river going deeper. DIAL: REVENGE. Echoes in my underground.

YOU DON'T KNOW JESUS. It's true: I could never describe the undescribable. But the persistent rithm of guitars, roots the music in my body; connecting me with whatever beyond. ROBOT CHANT. Always nterferences; even inside you.

Now, I understand this is a Trip to my underground. I try to make a visual analogy to what I am feeling, and my body turns into ground. Black, soft earth on my body. 2 RIGHTS MAKE 1 WRONG. And just before the end, the ground turns my soul into a flowering garden. SECRET PINT