Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mogwai: Rock Action

Finally, I got the CD. Expectation.
I sit down and open the black-and-red box.
I enjoy the few seconds of silence before the music starts.

Dark music comes out; a compelling invitation to close my eyes.
Almost liquid, dark music is filling my bedroom. SINE WAVE.

I remember myself listening to the white-glittering Takk... and I feel I'm standing in the opposite side. Dark music. Dim sounds. But, still, it is music to explore the soul; to know inner places I didn't know that existed.

And then, a spark: guitars. And a voice! I was not expecting it. TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE; the music will be inside me. Now, the flow changes its course. 0 I SLEEP. And the music becomes a river going deeper. DIAL: REVENGE. Echoes in my underground.

YOU DON'T KNOW JESUS. It's true: I could never describe the undescribable. But the persistent rithm of guitars, roots the music in my body; connecting me with whatever beyond. ROBOT CHANT. Always nterferences; even inside you.

Now, I understand this is a Trip to my underground. I try to make a visual analogy to what I am feeling, and my body turns into ground. Black, soft earth on my body. 2 RIGHTS MAKE 1 WRONG. And just before the end, the ground turns my soul into a flowering garden. SECRET PINT

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