Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sigur Rós - Takk

(Ayer escuché el disco de este grupo islandes, fue como poder concentrarme en mi alma por unos segundos.)

Some parts should be listened with eyes closed... is the only way to see the light that comes from it. Specially the second song, glósóli, is like a sunrise for me; light beams appearing brightly in the sky. Light coming to you.

I also saw the video, but it was very strange, even disturbing, for me. I do not know why, it's a weird feeling. But the light is perfect. Is just the amount of light I need to feel that song. The shoot of the kiss is among my favourites. And the landscape... well, I felt Iceland that way: the awesome beauty of simplicity, so to say. I must see it again; think over, and then read a few comments on it. I'm sure the last scene with the little boy will be an issue.. does he fall?

Returning to the music, the musicbox-like sounds of other songs reminds me of drops of water falling all over. In a land of fire and ice, the only possible outcome is a waterfall. Thousands of water drops falling.

I'll return to this later.

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