Friday, March 10, 2006

"You're lost little girl
You're lost little girl
You're lost
Tell me who
Are you?"


Jim Morrisons's words echo between my soul and body.

Yes I am lost.
Yes I am lost.
Or at least
I feel lost.

Even if I see the path going under my feet. A path that for the first time joins most of my experiences, a path that somehow I have been building (unconciously) for the last 7 or 8 years. But I never thought I could join under the same sky crazy biology, maths and rock. Well, may be I can't. But the path's under my feet and I think I might try it.

But I can't keep away this fearful feeling of being lost.
Maybe it's just that I feel lonely. I Shout among the trees and nobody answers. Not even the crows.

It seems such a lonely path! wouldn't someone join in?

A friend has been telling me -for the past few years- about the MUSTS in my life. And he's right. I must be happy, I must believe.

There is an answer for Morrison's question.
I'm the path. I'll have to keep walking.

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